About The Project

The “Pride and Concrete” project started in October 2010 during the See New Perspectives, masterclass course, organized by Robert Bosch and World Press Photo. In the following period, we made a few trips to Oaș, trips financed by ourselves. Next came a residency at RCI Paris, along with an AFCN grant which resulted in an exhibition arThe Romanian Peasant Museum. In 2012, in addition to a second grant received from AFCN,we also received one from OAR, order to make a multimedia product and a website. The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism and Igloo supported us and led us through the thickets of red tape where, several times, we were on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Personal exhibitions of the project were held in Berlin, Bucharest (RPM and RCI Bucharest) and in Negrești Oaș. precisely within the community where the pictures had been taken.

We received help from everyone and we would like to give a big THANK YOU to the people of Oas who let us into their homes and lives here in Romania, or abroad, in Paris, in particular to: Remus Tiplea, Griga Cotros and his family, Irina Solomes, “Patrick” from Certeze, Remus Vârnav, Oniza, Ana Benghea, Grigore Mois, Emilian Moldovan.

We would also like to thank sociologist Dana Diminescu for the study on the migration of the people from Oaș – it was vital in understanding the phenomenon. Whatever we didn’t have to help us with the filming, we borrowed from Nikon, so thank you, Anca Iordan. Much gratitude goes also to Mr. Remus Vârnav, from The Museum of Țara Oașului for all his support. hank you to Livia Otal, Maria Cândea, Isabelle Cabat-Houssais, who let us stay in her apartment in Paris without having even met us and to Viorel Hodoiu who loaned us his Logan for a whole month, at a moment when the only option available would have been to hitch-hike throughout this documentary. And thank you to Panos Pictures for their support in editing and distributing the materials, to all of you who didn’t smash by laptop to bits and who, for years on end, listened to me jabbering about the same topic and the same pictures.