PETRUŢ CĂLINESCU (photography, video, montage, documentation)

I’m a freelance photographer, based in Bucharest, Romania, with a BA in Journalism and Communication Sciences. I’ve worked as a photographer for the main journals in Romania and for AFP, and, for some time now, I’ve been represented by Panos Pictures. I travelled and did stories in Kenya, India, Boliva, Afghanistan, Egypt but today im rather focusing on issues closer to my home, where i can understand better the cultural context and im able to spend more time with the people I photograph.

„Pride and Concrete” is the longest and intense project I’ve been working on. I am delighted I have been able to finalise it through this website; over the years, I’d like to revisit the places I’ve photographed; maybe then there’d be something new to add. Until then, I will continue The Black Sea Project – adding new stories from this region.

My portfolio can be viewed on

Ioana Călinescu (documentation, texts, interviews, communication)

In the last ten years I’ve been in turn and sometimes at the same time, ethnologist, copywriter, journalist, editor, TV reporter, managing editor and communication manager. But I got my BA only in ethnology. I graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, Ethnology and Folklore Department. The other jobs I’ve done without “a driver’s licence”. I wrote stories about people for three years for Tabu magazine. I have been an ecologist (Green Report, TVR1), an epicure (BBC Good Food) and a scrounger through people’s homes and lives on a great pretext (BBC Good Homes). In the last three years, I’ve accompanied Petruț in almost all of his documentation trips and I’ve been responsible for the editorial part of the “Pride and Concrete” project. In all my trips and words I’ve been ceaselessly accompanied by a woman who taught me to “eat clouds” on such projects. Irina Nicolau would have loved this project!

Ciprian Ciocan - web developer,

Alex Șerban - video post processing,

Electric Brother – sound post processing,

Alina Olimpia Miron - English translation,